DevOps Transformation

Your DevOps transformation simplified. Automation and high-scale solutions for every organization.

CloudSmith Consulting helps your organization transition to a DevOps model with a plan specifically built for your technology needs. Whether a corporation or government agency, CloudSmith provides guidance, advice, and documentation to help teams make decisions during planning, development, or operating stages. Our services include:

Telemetry definition & gap analysis

Create a strategy for understanding defects through better telemetry (data).  

Includes gap analysis for applications already in production. 

Telemetry implementation & repair

Strategy and platform selection for big data telemetry (Application Insights, Kibana, Grafana, etc.)

Guidance for implementing effective telemetry, data retention strategies, and telemetry management/security strategy. 

Telemetry data sharing & insights

Patterns and practices for knowledge sharing and increase in organizational effectiveness through telemetry.

Guidance and patterns for gaining insights from disparate or disconnected telemetry. 

Build pipelines & release automation

DevOps build and release pipeline platform selection assistance.

Guidance and/or definition of build and release pipelines on multiple platforms (Azure DevOps, Chef, Puppet, Ansible) 

Lab setup & automated testing

Performance lab configuration, setup, and maintenance assistance.

Strategies and samples for performing automated web-based user-testing at scale with Selenium. 

Service health analysis

Diagnostic review of service health telemetry.

Development strategies for intelligent service health dashboards and self-repairing services to lower MTTM and MTTR. 

Operational code review

Support analysis for applications and systems reviewing service failure “hot spots” that occur in production.

Alignment of service failure hot spots to coding patterns with remediation guidance 

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