Cloud Adoption & Readiness

Whether you’re born in the cloud or planning your first migration, we have strategies to get you there -- painlessly.

By the end of 2020, more than 67 percent of enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-based, with 83 percent of the company workload stored there. Why are they making the move? Faster speeds, greater flexibility, cost savings and improved customer support.

Cloud migration is not well suited to a “lift and shift” strategy, despite what some consultants might say. With CloudSmith’s advisory consulting approach, we break down the complications of the public cloud, figure out how to best streamline and implement it, help with decision making, and create a successful outcome that you’ll take ownership of when complete.

Cloud Platform Selection

Independent analysis of cloud platforms related to a given solution and their strengths & weaknesses

Cost review of current cloud implementation & strategies to lower cloud spending over time 

Cloud Technology Training

Knowledge transfer, expertise, or samples of various cloud technologies ranging from infrastructure (network, storage, compute) to application (both PaaS and SaaS)

Data, messaging and middleware technology adoption for moving to public cloud providers

Security training for moving to public cloud providers 

Cloud Migration Assistance

Training on relevant cloud adoption strategies outside of “lift and shift” with migration guidance

Hybrid cloud deployment and operation strategies

Kubernetes & container technology assessment, adoption strategies and migration planning 

Cloud Code Review

Review application coding patterns that are required for occasionally-connected cloud applications

Review for cloud performance, scalability and reliability only

Review for cloud technology adoption and lowered cloud costs 

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