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Our technical advisory services are designed to help you and your team achieve more in days, not weeks or months.  Don't see what you're looking for below?  We're always interested in hearing your feedback, as we update our catalog often.

Telemetry you can use

Your applications can tell you more than you imagine using great telemetry, but if you don't know what to look for, you won't gain insights from your data.

CloudSmith offers a set of services around defining, refining, analyzing and gaining intelligence from your telemetry. If you're not making data-driven decisions about application behavior, let's talk. 

Automation where you need it

For many, automation is employed as part of build and release packaging. While useful, this is only the first step in realizing your DevOps potential.

Our automation expertise can help you extend past your build pipeline into the operational space, enabling scenarios such as auto-scale and fabric/demand-driven SLAs for production systems. 

Continuous Operation

While Continuous Delivery allows development teams to move from lab to production quickly, continuous operation extends the delivery cycle into the operations space.

CloudSmith can help you devise a solution for analyzing service health (real-time and historical), reviewing operational issues in code (in real time) and managing deployment rollback and regression in real-time. 

Getting you there

Moving to the cloud often involves more than just a "lift and shift" strategy. Cloud applications are built for occasional-connectivity, failover, and geographic (global) deployment.

CloudSmith has advice, training and services to help you enjoy success in the cloud with the right partner, technologies, and strategy. 

Growing in the cloud

Whether you're running a business fully in the cloud, or just migrated your first application, accelerating your cloud adoption means your business is prepared to take advantage of tomorrow's technology.

CloudSmith's experts can work with your teams on cloud adoption & acceleration for a wide variety of technologies - from IoT, to Edge to Big Data. 

Lower cloud spending

Most businesses employ a cloud adoption & expansion strategy in an effort to reduce costs. However, not all cloud offerings are comparable in cost or functionality.

CloudSmith's knowledge of cloud infrastructure, operations, and development can help your business reduce cloud spending and increase scale over time. 

Know your target

Performance bottlenecks are often tough to find and diagnose in complex systems. Good performance measurement comes with insight, not just instrumentation.

From software selection to configuration to operational analysis, CloudSmith has knowledge and skills of industry leading APM tools. Alternatively, ask us about approaches for custom tooling in your scenario. 

Fine tuned testing

Are your performance tests showing you your user's experience in production?  Fine tuned testing strategies, outside-in testing and client/browser-based testing ensure that what you measure is what you experience.

CloudSmith has extensive experience in designing and developing testing strategies for performance measurement.  From Selenium in the browser to Appium on mobile, CloudSmith has you covered.

Fast means fast

Complex systems, cloud connectivity and variability in how software reports and measures timing can all create challenges when finding and fixing performance bottlenecks.

CloudSmith offers guidance on coding and infrastructure practices that yield greater performance and scale.  Additionally, our experts are performance super sluehts that can identify and correct even the trickiest of performance bugs.

Proving it first

Large software projects involve multiple technologies, systems and architectures that work seamlessly together.  This complexity can sometimes block teams when they need creative answers the most.

CloudSmith's experts develop specific proof of concepts designed to unblock teams on their most challenging technical issues.  Upon completion, our experts can also provide guidance on how to move from sample code to production-ready.

A second set of eyes

Coding defects can cost hundreds of times more than their cost to produce in lost availability and productivity.  Static code analysis tools provide predictable results for developers, but don't understand your intent or overall system design.

CloudSmith's code analysis and review service is designed to look past just static code analysis at runtime concerns across 13 different quality areas - from accessibility to usability, so that you're not caught off guard.

Build strong from day 1

Finding gaps in architecture or system design early means avoiding large downtime or potentially costly re-work in production systems later.  A solid foundation is a solid footing for ensuring the highest ROI for your software.

CloudSmith's decades of experience in building large and small scale applications and systems means that we can help you make good architectural decisions from day 1, regardless of the type, size or scope of your project.

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