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We’re seeking young IT professionals who are smart, driven and inspired by technology to learn and work alongside industry leaders.

At CloudSmith Consulting students can gain valuable work experience and learn from top professionals in the industry. We’re seeking students who are either still in school or recently graduated and are passionate about making a difference in technology. You’ll work on projects that most students can only dream about, while being mentored by our experts. The traits we are seeking:

  1. Love to learn - We're ready to listen and learn from your passion, great ideas, and desire to change the world.  We're listening, and importantly, ready to help you learn the key skills that will achieve those goals.
  2. Don't go at it alone - You already know that your chances of success are far greater when you have a team to support you.  With CloudSmith, you'll never have to go at it alone - our experts are ready to walk this journey with you every step of the way.  All you need to bring is your awesome self - inventive, hard working, and collaborative.
  3. You already started - Have you been working on that school project for months, and you can't wait to show it off?  How about those GitHub contributions you've been making?  We'll gladly accept these credentials as your resume.
  4. You want flexible work and fair pay - 100% of CloudSmith's student partners are paid for the work that they do.  It's unreasonble, and unfair, to expect hard working students to produce top level work for free, or even for minimum wage.  You're worth more than that, and we understand your potential.  

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