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Do you have specific technical skills or experience that you want to share with our customers? We're building the platform that will connect you.

Finding the next technology position isn’t just in the big city. Flexible hours, no need to relocate and collaborate with industry professionals on projects that make a difference. Our engagements provide good pay and opportunities to network with top IT professionals around the country. 

We’re looking for individuals who are problem solvers and passionate about technology. Beyond the resume, we want to know:

  1. Are you a learn-it-all? What you know today doesn't reflect what you'll need to know tomorrow.  We love working with "learn it all" types over "know it all" types, as what you need to know will constantly change.  Show us how you learn
  2. Do you love community? CloudSmith's frequently contribute to their local development community, through both code and financial contributions to numerous open source efforts.  Our professionals have a passion for sharing and collaborating with all types.
  3. Are you a relentless improver? Some people just can't turn their minds off -- they relentless pursue improvement and don't settle for less when they know they can deliver more.  We call this approach progress over perfection, and it's core all CloudSmith's.
  4. Would you show us your skills? We'd love to see what you know about cloud computing (Amazon, Microsoft, or otherwise), development, operations, or performance - no matter what the platform.  

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