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CloudSmith Consulting empowers your organization to make the best out of the cloud. We create a roadmap for your organization’s IT and business teams to make decisions during planning, development and operating stages.  We work with corporations, state and federal governments and public agencies.  Our expertise is proven to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

CloudSmith offers individualized contracts to meet an organization’s objectives. Contracts start at 200 hours and up.  Here's how it works.

  1. Simple pre-paid contracts - 12-month annualized contracts allow purchase to be consolidated into single procurement, and time can be used as-needed throughout a year. Pricing is locked in for the duration of the contract, giving predictable price/performance.
  2. Service delivery planning - We work with your team to review and inventory support needs compared to your contract requirements.  The result is that we managing logistical planning of service delivery on your schedule, and your terms.
  3. Service delivery - You work directly with a designated account manager to ensure our advisory services are scheduled and delivered as needed throughout the contract period, when you need them the most.  Our typical turnaround time to schedule advisory services is days, although additional time is sometimes required for custom or limited availability bookings.
  4. Monthly services review - We work with you and provide a monthly service review of contract consumption and CloudSmith performance.  At each review, service delivery plans can be adjusted as needed.  

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