All About CloudSmith

The new standard of service in advisory consulting.

Our Founders' Journey

The journey to CloudSmith started with humble ambitions.

Early 2000's

Entry to consulting

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Brandon Kelly and Ira Mellor were both programmers and hobbyists moving into the professional arena of consulting. This wasn't just a professional career for either of them, but rather a passion that led them to spend countless hours pursuing development projects for fun.

Why did we do this?
We wanted to express our creativity using a medium we already knew - software.


Founders Meeting

In 2009, Brandon, then a senior manager at a US-based consulting firm, hired Ira Mellor as a senior consultant in delivery. The two quickly understood that their backgrounds in web applications, data-driven solutions and distributed computing had a bright future. They saw the role that cloud computing would play in the software industry moving forward and that traditional software roles would change in the years to come.

Why did we do this?
We had technical skills and could make a difference in the industry.


Enterprise Support

After countless consulting projects and delivery, the Founders’ journey takes a pivotal step and moves from application development into infrastructure and software solutions designed for big business. Enterprise SaaS, PaaS and IaaS applications are at the forefront of work daily. Our customers showed us their challenges with performance, deployment and operations. Out of this we understood the role DevOps would play in most organizations’ journey to the cloud.

Why did we do this?
We saw the trend of companies adopting cloud services and the roadblocks they incurred..


Enterprise Escalations

After offering solutions and proactive support for enterprise customers, it was clear there were critical gaps in how customers were moving their businesses to the cloud. Utilizing their decades of technical knowledge across infrastructure and software, the Founders assembled a team to tackle the toughest problems that large enterprises faced. This top-tier technical team —then called the Rangers — delivered just-in-time solutions focused on performance optimization for SaaS products and tooling designed to assess and remediate quality issues.

Why did we do this?
We could increase the value realized by cloud projects for our customers.


CloudSmith is born

Two decades into their journey, the Founders take the next leap in their mission and start CloudSmith Consulting.

What's our vision?
Make consulting fair again.  Far too many companies pay too much money to get help with their technical projects only to be left unable to operate and support those efforts aferwards.

What's our focus?
Technical advisory services for DevOps Transformation, Cloud Adoption & Readiness, Performance Management, and Development Services.

Why CloudSmith?
Decades of experience, connected to centuries more.  The right experts with the right focus, when you need them.  And they don't leave you stranded afterwards.

Meet our Leadership

Great technology is made by talented leaders, team members, a little foresight and a lot of luck..

Picture of Brandon Kelly

With more than 20 years’ experience in the tech industry, Brandon Kelly is an expert in cloud strategy. Having held high-level positions at Microsoft and Oracle, Kelly’s teams led hundreds of businesses to cloud technologies. While moving companies to the cloud, Kelly saw common issues and the need to guide clients through the process. He founded CloudSmith Consulting to help businesses through the cloud migration process and to show them the cost benefit from moving to the cloud.

In his own words:
I've always looked for ways to help others and am humbled by the opportunitiy to do so at scale.  Each opportunity to work with new customers or new team members brings us a shared understanding and innovation to our industry that didn't exist before.  I'm honored to be a founder of CloudSmith Consulting.

Brandon Kelly
Founder / Managing Partner
Picture of Ira Mellor

While at Oracle, Ira Mellor was tasked with solving some of the toughest customer problems in moving to the cloud. Mellor’s team was able to retain those customers for Oracle, he saw the frequent issues that could have been flagged early with a CloudSmith overseeing the process. Nearly two decades experience as a senior developer, Mellor can curate and prioritize while serving as the liaison between different audiences.

In his own words:
Moving to the cloud is complicated and has it challenges. We’re in the business of figuring out how to help you navigate these challenges, leaving you with the knowledge and tools you need to carry it forward.

Ira Mellor
Founder / Managing Partner

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